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Linkontro 2017

Get Agile!

We are currently witnessing a total transformation of consumer goods’ markets caused by the digital, consumer-centric revolution. The best examples of innovative models of reference in the commercial sector are new technologies that were unimaginable only a few years ago. Consumer behavior is evolving continually; the new channels for buying and selling goods, if exploited in the right manner, are stimulating new opportunities.

Scenarios in the near future are likely to be ones of frenetic and rapid change, boosting the ability of companies to adapt and change at the same speed and in line with new consumer demands. Essentially, businesses will need to heighten their capacity to engage with these new demands with the aim of narrowing the gap between consumer demands and market supply. We will also witness a merging of physical and virtual environments and there will be increasing pressure and challenges to improve distribution systems, a fact well known to companies such as Amazon.

In order to face these challenges, companies will need to call on all their available resources and competencies in the drive to increase their knowledge of consumer behaviour. To this end, businesses will not only have to develop increasingly novel engagement strategies but also exploit the full potential of digital channels by integrating big data and converting it into productive and practical information.

Change will thus become the new ‘norm’. Any business that intends to be a major player in our markets needs to act with both speed and decisiveness and great mental flexibility. Get Agile! is the new slogan and will be one of the main themes to focus on at this year’s edition of Linkontro Nielsen to be held at Forte Village in Sardinia between 18th and 21st May.

Linkontro 2016

Call to Action
Value as a new guide to consumer choices

A new definition of Value in supply markets, the consumer’s key role in company strategy and modern technologies are the main topics of the consumer goods sector which have become the starting point in identifying the actions that companies must take if they wish to operate with success in today’s competitive marketplaces.

In such a dynamic and volatile environment, where traditional sources of differentiation are becoming increasingly marginal, we ought to redefine the value of supply goods offered to the consumer, starting with the conviction that there is much more than just the price of a product at stake. Manufacturers and retailers need to work together on variables that have high impact on value, in order to offer the consumer an attractive combination of price, quality and service. The experience of operating in digital markets has seen continued and steady growth and many consumer goods companies are adapting their strategies in this direction.

To date, while the most frequent form of change is behavioral, more dynamic impulses are needed to exploit all the opportunities that come along with change. Actions of strategic realignment and strong competitive efforts are required. Today’s consumer studies markets carefully, making purchasing decisions whose criteria are constantly changing; not only price but also quality, services, ethics and sustainability.

Only companies able to follow the “connected consumer” along the new purchasing paths created by the digital era will successfully compete in a multichannel environment. It’s time for action Linkontro 2016 aims to be the place and the time to take the action required to look ahead and build a sustainable future, together.

Linkontro 2015

Business vitality: being a key player in tomorrow’s markets

Business power was the common thread of the 2015 edition of Linkontro. The need for resolve, efficiency and energy has never been greater than it is today. All our switches must be set to the ‘ON’ position.

The long and debilitating crisis that has weakened the country is not leaving much room for optimism. Yet it is the task of the managerial class, not just politicians, to find possible solutions and adopt practical strategies to stay tuned to changes. In the past few years, Linkontro has made efforts to address this necessity, recounting stories of individuals and companies that have been successful in the face of adversity.

This is thereason why in the 2015 edition of Linkontro, the theme of “Business vitality” focused its attention on resources, projects, vision and dreams, with the aim of creating new energies, reversing the slow, relentless decline and initiate a renaissance with determination and enthusiasm. In a country suffering from a lack of sound values and a lack of common ethics, there are still people and companies that maintain a high sense of responsibility and a desire for radical change. Linkontro 2015 endeavoured to recount the many positive experiences able to release and inspire new business vitality.

Ensuring the future is set to ‘ON’.

Linkontro 2014

For real change Let the future be Now.

The 2014 edition celebrated thirty years of Linkontro, and the theme of “together for change” was designed to close ranks in order to climb out of the recession together and put one of the harshest economic crises in modern times behind us. Together the new road towards recovery has been carved out, albeit uphill.

The fall in consumer sales and the fragility of our banking system produced shockwaves in the market system that firms had become accustomed to working in. To face the challenges of staging a recovery, Linkontro has been instrumental in promoting new business models, designed to improve and enhance product supply chains and to engage in a direct dialogue with consumers, creating added value together with your business partners. A new process of change has begun, focusing on leadership, ethics, flexibility and cooperation.

We are seeing the birth of a new business culture with dynamic key players who are ready to reveal their personal stories and business plans, and are also unafraid to explore alternative channels of growth and to view the future with optimism.

Linkontro 2013

The Value of ‘We’.
The new frontier of change.

The crisis that is currently oppressing our markets has forced us to change the business models that we have always used to face challenges in commercial markets. Our companies’ tendency to be over individualistic, due firstly to many of them being family-run businesses and secondly to the unique excellence and quality of their products has tended to hinder attempts to improve an economic environment that required larger-sized operations and the ability to compete in international markets. Those that have fully realized this have advocated a radical change in perspective with regard to entrepreneurial success and product quality.

The way forward today is to create synergies, partnerships and mutually advantageous relations with other firms producing quality ‘Made in Italy’ products, in order to draw on greater resources in increasingly competitive business environments. Networking has become the new ‘watchword’ for key players who aim to expand business in Italy as well as abroad.

Combining forces requires everyone to work together: producers, distributors, media, institutions, groups and associations, universities and research centres. By bringing together the best representatives of all these categories, the 2013 edition of Linkontro called on their experience to highlight how mutual cooperation can translate into concrete opportunites and assured business growth.

Because the challenges of tomorrow must be won together